Bettering the quality of life for backstretch workers
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The California Thoroughbred Horsemen’s Foundation, Inc. (”CTHF”) is a 501 (c) (3) registered charitable trust. As a charitable foundation, it is the primary provider of medical, dental, and optometry services for eligible backstretch workers, and their primary dependents, who care for Thoroughbred and Quarter horses at racetracks and approved training centers throughout California.

The CTHF has been available to eligible workers since 1983.  Our annual budget is approximately $2 million.  Our foundation provides primary care at our four clinics, where over 6,000 patients pass through our doors annually.  While the vast majority of these patients can be treated at the clinic level, about 1,000 of these patients require more specialized treatment outside of our clinics.  After demonstrating economic need,  those patients are referred to doctors, hospitals, imaging facilities, and the like, at favorable rates the CTHF negotiates with these outside Providers.  The CTHF covers the vast majority of these costs with the workers paying a small portion as a co-payment.

Many of our workers are employed by trainers with a small stable of horses.  Often times only a handful of workers are required.  While government subsidized insurance premiums are available to the workers, they cannot financially withstand the monthly premium cost, let alone the co-payments that are part of such a policy. Without the CTHF, patients would use hospital emergency rooms as their primary health care – a highly inefficient and costly system to the general public.

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Clinic Visits
Referred for Medical care
$ 80000
Prescription Costs