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Thank you for supporting the CTHF! We sincerely appreciate contributions of any amount.

In addition to the donation options listed below, the CTHF is able accept the donation of stocks and other securities.

Contact executive director, Jordyn Egan, for details.

  • Email:
  • Phone: 626-446-0169
Your contribution will cover:

(2) Outside visits to a Primary Care Physician

Your contribution will cover:

(1) Pediatric consultation, or
(1) Hearing test

Your contribution will cover:

(1)Initial consultation with an outside specialist, or;
(1) Eye exam, frames and lenses, or;
(100) Meal tickets ($1 value each) or;
(2) Two outside visits to a pediatrician

Your contribution will cover:

(1) colonoscopy at contracted outpatient center, or;
(5) deep cleanings with hygienist, or;
(7) outside follow up visits to a contract specialist

Your contribution will cover:

(1) Day stay as inpatient in contracted hospital, or;
(1) Cataract surgery (one eye) or;
(5) Emergency Room visits, or
(2) Two root canals, or;
(10) Ten surgical extractions

Any Amount
Other amount – anything helps!
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