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The CTHF could not exist without the financial support of our racing association, fair, and horse owner partners, let alone the trainers’ whose employees are our patients. The majority of our funding comes from this group via a small share of wagering. These partners, often independently, provide us with additional direct charitable donations as well.

In addition to funding and support from our industry partners, the CTHF also receives generous contributions from individual and corporate donors in support of our mission. We also receive grants on an annual basis from organizations such as the Thoroughbred Charities of America. All of these funds are critical for the continuation of our medical and dental services and we are grateful to all who contribute, regardless of the level. If you are interested in supporting the CTHF, you can do so here.

We are proud to partner with other backstretch service organizations; namely, the Edwin J. Gregson Foundation, Race Track Chaplaincy of California, and Winner’s Foundation to provide comprehensive services to the backstretch workers. Learn more about those partners and the services they provide below:

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Winner's Foundation

Edwin J. Gregson Foundation

Race Track Chaplaincy of CA

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