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While dealing with continuous and ever-changing restrictions due to the pandemic, CTHF’s mission statement is “to improve the quality of life for backstretch workers.”  Inherent in the words is to improve their lives OVERALL!

We continue attempting our proactive platform of “Racing to Wellness.”  It must be noted, however, that “wellness” cannot just be measured in terms of one’s medical or dental health.  It also must be measured in terms of physical, nutritional, spiritual, social, cultural, educational, recreational and social health.

Towards that end we are promoting alliances with like-organizations who service the backstretch workers, along with programs and activities that, hopefully, bring both balance and joy to their lives, and the lives of their family members.

We are also educating Type 2 diabetes on the importance both nutrition and exercise, offering deeply discounted monthly memberships to local fitness facilities, financially supporting the chaplaincy programs at California racetracks and offering social, cultural and recreational activities both at the track and at local venues.  We have over 100 workers and spouses who are just waiting for COVID to pass so that they can be back to enjoying their local fitness club memberships near Santa Anita, Los Alamitos and Golden Gate Fields, largely underwritten by CTHF.

It is hoped that these programs will bring a better overall balance to the lives of these dedicated and loyal backstretch workers.

Our entire CTHF staff at all three of our clinic locations look forward to coming to work each and every day in the joyous prospect of helping others less fortunate than ourselves.  How lucky we are!

Cliff Goodrich
Executive Director



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