Bettering the quality of life for backstretch workers



I am the Executive Director of the California Thoroughbred Horsemen’s Foundation, Inc. (“CTHF”) and I have Type 2 diabetes!  Diagnosed over ten years ago, I had to make adjustments in my lifestyle or suffer dire consequences.

It is estimated that 86 million adults, living in the United States, have pre-diabetes.  That’s about one-third of the entire adult population.  This statistic is relevant, because it is a good bet that at least one-third our our backstretch workers are pre-diabetic – and don’t even know it, as there are usually no symptoms until it may be too late!  There are a variety of causes for developing diabetes, including:
-Family history
-High blood pressure
-Low HDL levels
-Being overweight
Among the complications of Type 2 diabetes are:
-Heart disease
-Kidney failure
-Neuropathy (nerve pain)
-Loss of limbs (especially toes and feet)
But, there is good news! Pre-diabetes can be reversed and never return, with a change in diet and lifestyle through education and comitment.

Thke CTHF encourages all eligible workers, and their adult dependents, to make an appointment at a  CTHF clinic, and tell the receptionist that you want to make an appointment to ensure that you are as healthy as you think you are.
After over ten years of living with Type 2 diabetes, I exercise more, watch my diet, take regular blood sugar readings, and most importantly, watch our grandchildren (11, 9 and 8) grow up – something I wouldn’t have seen if I hadn’t changed my habits.

We’re here to help! Please come and visit one of our clinics and ensure that your are not pre-diabetic. Also, for those of you that are, please feel fee to visit or call me at the Santa Anita Clinic. I will be happy to relate my experience with this serious, but controllable disease. For a small copayment, you can have peace of mind and, like me, be around longer for your loved ones.

Cliff Goodrich
Executive Director