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To All Readers –

These last 18 months, through August of 2021 have been challenging to say the least.  However, with support from all of the racetracks, the CTT and the TOC, along with the Winners’ Foundation and Chaplaincy, for the most part the Industry has kept COVID infections at bay, while now having over a 90% inoculation rate of the vaccine.

At CTHF, only one employee was infected during this near-eighteen month period, and fortunately her symptoms were minor.

We want to thank all of the backstretch workers we service for being so understanding of the periodic openings and closings of some of our clinics in order to protect our racing community as a whole.   Like all of you, we yearn to return to normal.


We welcome Dr. Brittany Zhang as our new dentist at our Golden Gate Fields clinic.  Dr. Zhang is a graduate of the University of California at San Francisco Dental School.   She will be working on Mondays and Tuesdays and Wednesdays at the clinic.  Welcome Dr. Zhang!!

FITNESS MEMBERSHIPS AVAILABLE (Note:  Temporarily suspended due to COVID-19)

The CTHF is now offering month-to-month fitness memberships at nearby fitness clubs near Santa Anita, Los Alamitos and Golden Gate Fields.  Eligible workers simply need to visit their local CTHF clinic, pay a $10 copayment and the CTHF will pay the balance.  There is no ongoing obligation and members can cancel whenever they want.  Signups for the upcoming month are usually due one week prior to the start of the next month.  For questions, visit your local clinic or call Aracely or Angela at (626) 446-0169.

Cliff Goodrich, Executive Director




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