Bettering the quality of life for backstretch workers

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On behalf of the CTHF board of directors, our professional staff, our employees, and myself, I want to extend to each of you a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year!

The racing Industry, and the CTHF, are facing extremely challenging times.  The year-long 2019 focus on horse fatalities has brought challenges to the Industry that it has never before faced.  Our backstretch workers are naturally worried about the future of their jobs, given all of the controversy.  It is a bit ironic that these workers probably love the horses they care for as much as they love their own families, and are no doubt innocent victims.

Fortunately, the entire Industry, along with the California Horse Racing Board, has responded with unprecedented safety measures including the addition of far more veterinarians to check the soundness of each horse before training or racing, the purchase of over $1 million in imaging technology for the purpose of detecting pre-existing conditions, and the adoption of the most severe medication protocols and use of the riding crop in North America.

We are hopeful that these new protocols will lead to vastly reduced injuries, thereby making our hard-working backstretch workers feel better about their future and the future of the Industry as a whole.

Again, Happy New Year!  Cliff Goodrich, Executive Director


Our foundation is pleased to announce that we have just been notified that we are the recipients of a generous Grant from the Thoroughbred Charities of America (“TCA”).

The TCA, like the CTHF, is dedicated to improve the lives of those who care for the horses.  The TCA also is focused on improving the lives of the horses themselves — a worthy endeavor.

On behalf of all backstretch workers, we thank the TCA for their generosity and promise that the Grant money will used to make life, in general, more enjoyable for the hard working backstretch workers!


The CTHF is now offering month-to-month fitness memberships at nearby fitness clubs near Santa Anita, Los Alamitos and Golden Gate Fields.  Eligible workers simply need to visit their local CTHF clinic, pay a $10 copayment and the CTHF will pay the balance.  There is no ongoing obligation and members can cancel whenever they want.  Signups for the upcoming month are usually due one week prior to the start of the next month.  For questions, visit your local clinic or call Aracely or Angela at (626) 446-0169.


The CTHF has begun using text messages to alert workers of the latest news and upcoming events, be it fitness memberships, mammogram screenings, flu shot notifications, etc.  If you are not currently receiving such messages and would like to, phone Aracely or Angela at the Santa Anita CTHF clinic and they will add your name.